Deficiency symptoms

Signs of a deficiency of biofactors in everyday life

In the case of incipient biofactor deficiency states the symptoms are usually non-specific and express themselves, inter alia, in tiredness, mood lability, lack of concentration, an increased susceptibility to infections and reduced quality of life.

Deficiency states often affect several biofactors at the same time. Accordingly, many symptoms overlap. If these symptoms continue or even intensify, you should consult your family doctor or pharmacist.

Below there is an overview of signs which may indicate a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements:

Minerals - trace elements

Extensor spasms of the fingers ("obstetrician's hand"),
Back pain, Increased bone fragility,
fingernail brittleness, Caries
Tendency to bleeding

Pallor, dry skin, brittle hair
Reduced physical performance, Tiredness, Palpitations
Respiratory distress upon physical exertion

Increased neck circumference, Tiredness,
lack of drive, Increased need for sleep,
Increased sensitivity to cold, Weight Increase

Muscle tremors or muscle twitching, Palpitations
Sluggishness of the bowls, constipation, Tiredness

Muscle tremors, switches, calf cramps
Tension, cramps, tetany, Headaches
Palpitations, feeling of tightness in the chest
Brittle fingernails, caries, Sleep disturbances

Increased susceptibility to infections,
Joints diseases, Lack of drive

Skin inflammation, hair loss,
Delayed wound healing, Smell and taste disorders,
Lack of appetite, Listlessness,
Increased susceptibility to infections,
White spots on the fingernails,
Fertility disorders in Men


Difficulty seeing in the dark, Night blindness,
Drying/Keratinisation of the mucous membranes,
Reduced smell and taste sensations, Hearing impairment,
Susceptibility to infections, especially of the respiratory tract

Extensor spasms of the fingers, Cramps, Muscle weakness,
Susceptibility to infections, Bone pain and deformities,
Bone fractures

Pallor, Muscle pain,

Mucocutaneous bleeding,
Increased Bone Fragility

Neuritis, Burning and "pins and needles" in the hands and feet,
Numbness, Feeling of constriction, Anxiety states,
Respiratory distress, Palpitations, Oedemas

Inflammations of the oral mucosa and tongue,
Tears in the skin, e.g. corners of the mouth
, Redness of the skin, Neuritis (hands, feet),
Photophobia, Burning of the eyes

Inflammation of the mucous membranes (mouth, nose, lips)
Skin inflammation, Insomnia
Irritability, Inexplicable sadness

Increasing reduction in physical performance,
Difficulties concentrating, Skin and mucosal pallor,
General weakness

Mucosal Changes, Neuritis
Increased risk of deformity and miscarriage

Tiredness Poor Wound Healing,
Paraesthesias, “Burning" Feet

Itchy skin rashes, Hair loss,
Brittle fingernails, Tiredness

Rough skin, Changes in skin areas exposed to the sun,
Inflammation of the oral mucosa, Insomnia,
Difficulty concentrating

Muscle limb pain (common), Increased susceptibility to infection (common),
Delayed wound healing (common), Increased fatigability, Irritability (common),
Mucosal bleeding (gums) (less common), Loosening and loss of teeth (less common)

Prevention and therapy

How can a biofactor deficiency be prevented and how can it be treated?

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Thieves for biofactors

Interactions between drugs and biofactors.

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