Warning from the experts at the German Society for Biofactors (GfB): Medicinal products can become scavengers of biofactors

Many medicinal products can inhibit the absorption of biofactors or promote their excretion. The risk of biofactor deficiency and the resulting health problems increases.

In daily practice, little attention is paid to vitamin and mineral deficits caused by medications. The experts at the German Society for Biofactors have therefore reviewed extensive study material on the influence of pharmaceuticals on the biofactor status. Antibiotics, acid blockers, diuretics, lipid and cholesterol-lowering drugs, gastrointestinal therapeutics and other frequently prescribed drugs can lead to a deficiency of essential biofactors, especially if taken over a long period of time.
As of now you can find substantiated information on this topic here – collated for you in a professional and clear manner.

The scientists' conclusion: Through the targeted compensation of biofactor losses it is possible to improve and easily ensure the effective drug treatment that is required and prevent any unnecessary health risk to the patient.